notnexus Thread

I was staying with family friends when i was around 12 years old. Our parents had gone out together for the night. It was myself, my brother 9 years old and two sisters 13 and 9 who lived in the house. We were up late watching bad 80's horror videos and eating junk food. At around 1am the youngest sister made me pause the video so she could go to the toilet. Less than a minute later she came running back into the lounge room looking horrified. She blurts out "there is someone trying to get into the toilet window". Being the oldest child in the house I pretend to not be afraid and go into the kitchen and grab a big knife. Then the 4 of us slowly walk towards the toilet. Thinking if there is someone there they will quickly take off when they see the lights go on and voices in the house. So i turn all the lights on as i go through the house towards the toilet. I finally get to the toilet and turn the light on and poke my head around the doorway. Sure enough there are 2 hands carefully and quietly taking out the louvre window glass panels one by one. We start yelling and pretending we are in a full house with adults. This doesn't slow him down at all. There are about 10 panels and 3 or 4 are now removed. If he gets them all out he could easily just climb straight into the house. At this stage I'm thinking i should maybe slash his hands but i thought he could get the knife from me. I'm totally shitting myself but trying to stay calm and pretending to be in control. The others at this stage are whimpering and crying. I suddenly realise they have a dog in the house that's asleep in front of the fire. It's an old lab but i didn't care. I ran into the lounge and pick up the dog, carry him into the toilet and point his face at the window with hands poking through it. The dog now goes completely nuts barking and growling. The hands stop and I'm hoping they disappear. Thankfully the guy moves away from the window and we spend the next couple of hours huddled together in the lounge all with knives in our hands and keeping the dog awake and sending him into the toilet throughout the night. Eventually the parents come home and call the police who come out and finger print the outside of the toilet. Never heard anything from the police. Certainly think it's the most afraid I've ever been.