crappysurfer Thread

Hmm this'll probs get buried but it's a true story, happened almost a year ago.

I was driving across the country with my friend, at this juncture we were in North Dakota. It had been a long day, lots of driving, at this point it was 1AM. I just woke up from a nap, my back was killing me.

"Hey, man, lets call it for the night. My back is killing me lets go to a hotel."

"Alright, we'll get off at the next exit."

So we're driving, there's nothing around. Absofuckinglutely nothing. Eventually we get to the next exit and after a little driving we spot a hotel. There's some road construction going on around it and some of the roads are closed. We try driving up to it but every intuitive path is fenced off. Now the hotel was more or less right in front of us, to our right there was kind of a dirt/gravel road that went into a thicket of trees. About 500 yards down this road there is a bright light. This road is the complete opposite direction of the hotel and the main road.

Remember there's nothing around but this one hotel and infinite fields and trees. It's also like 1:30AM and completely dark.

We keep driving around, unable to get to the hotel when my friend just drives towards the light on the dirt road-which is barely wider than the car. I instantly get a bad feeling, this makes no sense. Why is there a light at the end of this dark, dirt road?

"Dude, what are you doing? This is like bugs flying to a light. Turn around."

"I will once I find a spot, I don't exactly have the space."

Ok, that makes sense, the road was narrow and kind of dropped off on each side.

He kept driving closer to the light, which I thought may have been a generator light for construction.

"Dude...This makes no sense."

We get closer and it's a huge flatbed truck with its high beams on, as we realize this we're also blinded by the brightness of them. Fuck, I thought, these people have us where they want us.

I'm shielding my eyes and my buddy is driving slowly to pass the behemoth of a truck when the blinding light of the high beams is interrupted by someone walking in front of them-and then our car. My friend hits the break, the figure walks up. My friend rolls the window down a little. It's a well dressed guy.

My friend says, "Oh hey! We're just trying to get to that hotel over there....but there's all that construction."

"Oh yeah! That hotel's the greatest, just follow us and we'll get you there!"

"Great! Thanks!"

The interaction was pleasant enough. My friend rolls up the window and drives past the truck. As he's driving past (the window not all the way up yet) the guy outside calls to another guy, "Get in the truck". I see some guy from the shadows toss a cig and walk up to the passenger side of the truck.

"We have to get the fuck out of here NOW!"

"I know man, I'm working on it."

At this point, we're doing a 15 point turn on this dark road in the middle of nowhere, literally.

We get turned around and the truck is driving slowly and in the middle of the road, intentionally taking up the whole path. I'm bumbling on about how this makes no sense and we need to escape when all of a sudden the truck SLAMS on it's brakes and both guys simultaneously jump out and start running towards us. The guy on my side has a shotgun. My friend didn't miss a beat and just floored it and we went flying off the little drop off on the side of the road. We sped all the back to the road. Got back on the highway, made sure we weren't followed and went to the next town. Sleep was not that good that night.