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About 5 years ago, I was watching two of my younger cousins that live nearby while their parents were out for the night. The girl was 11, her younger brother 6-7ish at the time, and I was 17. They live in a very old, pretty large house that was built in the very early 1900s. It wasn't extremely creepy (except for the basement, which was a nightmare) or anything, but one feature I always thought was cool was that it had an indoor balcony. If you walked in the front door and looked straight up, there was a balcony on the second floor (accessed by a closet in the master bedroom) that faced toward the upstairs hallway.

So that night, the girl is in her room reading, her brother asleep, and I'm in the living room, which was really just a wide open area off of the main entrance, doing homework. I would periodically hear squeaking and what I can only describe as "shuffling" sounds coming from somewhere. Like the shuffle of jeans when you walk or if you were moving your arms around in a big coat, but louder. I didn't think anything of it.

From where I was sitting, the balcony was behind me and to the right, and I could partially see the upstairs hallway. I hear my cousin, the girl, open her door at some point and head into the bathroom. If you were on the balcony, you would be looking across maybe a 15 foot gap directly at the bathroom door. When she comes out, I don't hear any footsteps for a bit, so I call out her name. She responds in kind of a scared whimper "He's scaring me" and runs down the stairs to me. This is where it gets really fucking creepy.

She told me that when she came out of her room, she saw an older man in a suit on the balcony flailing his arms around with an angry look on his face (possibly the shuffling noises I heard?). But when she came out of the bathroom he was just standing perfectly still staring at her with the same look on his face. I obviously looked up toward the balcony as she told me this, and there was no one there. We went up to her parents' bedroom to check the access-closet to the balcony, but it was locked.

I don't doubt that she saw something because she wasn't really the kind of kid to make ridiculous stuff up and she was on the verge of tears. Never experienced any other creepy stuff at that house but damn, that sent chills down my spine.