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My mother told me this story when I was younger, don't remember all the details but I'll try.

When she was a young adult, she lived in Texas for a couple years. In the area where she lived, there was supposedly a lot of occult activity. Apparently the public schools would close on the occult "holidays" because that's when children were frequently abducted.

Anywho, a couple of her friends were talking about a supposed occult ritual area. She thought they were blowing steam, so she asked them to show her. They drove out to a long, dirt road surrounded by crop fields. It was a road that she drove down frequently on her commute to work. But it was night time, and they were going to be trespassing into the fields, so they left their car at the head of the road and walked. One of her friends even brought his gun with him (Texas, big surprise) because he was that worried.

They took her to a small ramshackle building a good distance from the road. They told her this was where the rituals took place. Inside, they found some mildly creepy shit with their flashlights -- a doll and a little girl's shoe -- but no real proof that it was an occult site.

They started to head back to the car, when the friend with the gun (who was at the rear of the group) screams and shoots his gun twice. They all turn around and ask wtf. He was thoroughly shaken up. He said a man appeared next to him, but disappeared when he shot at him.

None of them believed him, but they got the hell out of there quickly and drove off. After all, they had been trespassing and had made plenty of ruckus.

The next time my mom drove home from work along that road, something strange happened. She was driving through the crop fields, and swears there were no cars in sight in front of or behind her, and no intersections that a car could turn out of. Yet, she looks in her rear view mirror and all of a sudden, there's a hearse behind her, right on her ass. There had been nothing there moments before. So she looks around and, out in the fields, there are all these people in hooded robes, just standing there, pointing directly at her as she drives by.

She got the fuck out of there and never drove that road again.