emilyf114 Thread

My grandmother told me this story a few years ago, and I still get chills when I think about it...

She was living in Louisiana with my step grandfather, Bill, in a small apartment complex. One day, a nicely dressed man came to the door and told her other tenants were having trouble with the A/C units, so he was inspecting them. She opened the door to let him in when Bill and his sister came around the corner. The repairman immediately stepped back outside and told them he would come back later when they didn't have company.

Several hours later, my grandmother heard sirens outside. When she went to find out what happened, someone told her a lady had been murdered in her apartment and the killer got away.

Months later, my grandmother was sitting in her den watching tv when a special report came on about Ted Bundy. When his face came on, she immediately recognized him as the A/C repairman.