Naladari Thread

I think I came late to this party but I might as well contribute.

I have had kind of an odd string of events in my life that I personally prefer not to think k about. It started when I was a kid from the ages of five to ten I lived in a house in Richmond Virginia and I assume something did not want me there. First thing was I started to get night terrors, horrible ones that I still remember to this day. Then balloons started following me around the house, which would be normal except they would float at the same height that I would carry them. Or worse they would float with the balloon at eye level, I'm sure that could be explained but then one day before we moved I heard growling in my room that even now 16 years later I cannot replicate, I swore I flew down those stairs. The worst part of all of this is that the house was new, my parents built it.

The scariest thing that has happened to me overall though was in my current house. It only happened once and I have tried to come to peace with it. I was grounded. I was not allowed to be on my computer but my clever 16 year old self had a system. I would turn all the lights off in my room and sit on my chair sideways, when I heard my parents coming up the stairs I would turn around while turning off my screen and jump into my bed, that way I could pretend to sleep and get away with playing video games late while grounded. Anyways I heard footsteps coming down the hall and I was like shit I didn't hear the stairs, I turned off the screen and I turned around and somone/something was standing there. It looked like a young woman around the age of 10-14 stood at I'd guess 4'11" and was wearing a white gown, it was tattered at the bottom. She had thick black nappy but straight greasy hair. She was pale but not as white as her gown no face, her hair was in the way. The worst part though was her hands, they were too big for her body and we're wrinkled like and old woman's, on top of that her fingernails were I'd guess between 4-6 inches long. They were straight. I had to sleep with my parents that night and I have not been able to sleep or even be in a pitch dark room alone since. I am not sure if this was related but my grandmother randomly fell into a coma and died a month later. I just wish someone could tell me what I saw, and if hearing steps outside my door could have saved my life. I tried to debunk and recreate it hundreds of times, no luck