DTru1222 Thread

This will probably get burried in the thousands of posts but it was the single most terrifying moment of my life, and I have been to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sorry if my story telling skills suck, its just something that has always stuck with me.

I have a cousin that lives in a secluded area where everyone owns land. He has something like 600 acres of land where he lets his cattle run free. I went to visit him one summer and he came up with the idea of camping out. He has a little spot where there is a tepee in a clearing underneath a few large trees. The walking path goes strait through the clearing down to a little trail to a pond then goes back up into some trees. To get to this place we drove his truck through his pasture and up to a tree line. We had to get out and walk a ways into the trees to get there. Thinking back on it I cant really remember how far into the tree line his camping site was but it was a little bit of a walk.

So its my cousin, his girlfriend, a friend she brought and myself. We start to drink and had a small camp fire going. Someone threw a little too much brush on the fire and it got pretty big, to the point that it lit some of the branches of the trees above on fire. It was kind of scary at the moment thinking we almost started a huge fire but it grew and died pretty quickly.

Now later on in the night we are all drinking and im tending to the fire. The girlfriend says out loud that she needs to use the restroom and I thought that she went down the path near the pond. The fire is starting to die down and I need to gather some more brush so I start walking towards the path to the pond. As I am walking down the path I see a shadow of someone holding a tree branch up seemingly looking back at me. Remembering that the girlfriend had announced that she needed to use the restroom I assume its her so I call out her name. As soon as I do the shadow drops the tree branch and I can no longer see it. At that same moment I hear the girlfriend shout back at me from the camp site.

I looked back and from a distance I could see her coming out of the tepee. I look back at the brush and I see nothing, I stare for a moment but there was no movement. Completely shocked and confused I start to walk back to the camp, heart already racing so fast I thought I might pass out. When I walk up to the camp I see that all of us are there. I tell them what just happened and everyone is a little freaked out. My cousin brushes it off saying were out on his land and theres no way anyone could be out there. We eventually keep drinking but I cannot forget about it.

Much later on I am getting a little tired and my cousin is looking to fool around with his girl so we all lay down in the tepee. I am laying next to the friend just trying to pass out while I can hear them fooling around. They are talking and whispering when I hear the running thud of foot steps outside of the tent as if something is running at the tent then hear kind of a pop and drag like something hit the tent and drug against it. My cousin leaps up yelling and now we are all terrified. He is shouting that we need to get out of there right now and we all left everything and ran to his truck.

We drove back to the house scared shitless talking about what just happened and what I saw earlier. As we are all talking about it we all agree that the thuds sounded like it had two feet as you can hear the difference in a deer or horse galloping. They were big thuds as if it was carrying a lot of weight. My cousin said he was laying near the edge of the tepee when he heard the steps and looked up to see something hit and drag something across the fabric right above him. The fact that he actually was scared is what made it even more frighting us as he had lived on that land his whole life and had been to that camp site so many times.