pixelperfector Thread

Oh! I forgot this goldy of a weird one!

I was housesitting/catsitting for a friend of the family while they were out of the country. They had two cats - a small female with some twitches, and a big burley Maine Coon male. The female was always super timid, but acted like she was in fast-forward mode. The male was super friendly, and would often sit on my lap and stare at me like a creeper.

Anyways, one weekend that I was staying there, I decided I'd sleep in a little. It was about 8am when I woke up (I usually wake up at 7ish), and I'm just laying in bed, fully awake, enjoying the comfy bed and morning light (mind you, this was winter, and bed was really the only warm spot).

As I'm laying there just relaxing, I hear voices. It's a man and a woman talking, and it's all hushed on the other side of the house. I freeze, and concentrate really hard on the voices because I was NOT expecting anyone out in the boonies.

I listen hard, and suddenly the male has come into the hallway and said to the female, "Is she still not up yet?" to which the female says "I don't know!" in a hushed, rushed whisper.

Freaking out a little, I sit up in bed and look out the hallway to see both cats staring at me.

I kept a careful eye on them after that.