EmoKidSid Thread

My grandma W used to have a housekeeper, who became a close friend, whose name was Jessie.

My grandma and Jessie had fallen out of touch over the years, and my grandma and Jessie had since lost each other's current phone numbers.

One night, when my grandma was asleep, her cell phone rang and woke her up. She picked up the cell phone and heard struggling noises. There were no actual words, but there was enough of a voice for my grandma to realize that it was possibly Jessie's voice.

The call was then cut off. My grandma looked at the number that called, and even though she didn't recognize it, she had the feeling it was her old friend.

So the next day, my grandma redialed the number that had called her phone. Jessie answered and informed my grandma that she had been in a car accident. She had not picked up her cell phone and dialed my grandma because she was incapacitated in the wreck, and, like I said, did not have her phone number anymore.

So that's pretty weird.