Navett Thread

A while back there was a family that moved in next door to my family. They had a son who was just twisted. He was obsessive over slasher movies and always wanted me to talk about shit that happened during my time serving in Vietnam that no normal person would want to hear, loved tormenting stray animals... this guy was a wack job.

He was 19 at the time and my daughter was 7 but he always wanted to talk to her. He'd strike up a conversation with her when she walked home from school, he would talk over the fence at her when she was playing in the back, but what really set me off was when he called our house looking to speak with her. That was it, I went over and flipped shit at him and his parents, told him to stay the hell away from her and I'd better not even see him again.

That's when shit got weird. My daughter was always a little imaginative and paranoid, would think there were monsters under her bed and what not, so when she told me there was something living in her closet and she was too scared to get up and tell us at night, but it wasn't there in the day time, we blew it off as no big deal.

A few weeks went by and one night my wife and daughter were staying at my mothers for a "girls night" so I turned the key on the HBO box and watched me some movies, falling asleep downstairs. At like 2am I get a call from my neighbor with the creepy son that went something along the lines of "We saw that you were up so we called. Our son is missing, I went by his room to use the bathroom and his door was open, which isn't usual, (he was a private person) and there was no sign of him. We need help looking for him" (it was a small town, that's just how it was). The phone call woke me up though, I wasn't up, so I asked why they thought I was. "Oh, we saw you walking around upstairs and the light is on".

My blood ran cold as ice. I'd been passed out on the couch and I KNOW noone turned any lights on. I hung up on them, ran outside to my truck to grab my shotgun but noticed the sherrif was pulling up to the neighbors house by this point. I booked it over and told him there was someone in my house, and now I could see the lights in my daughters room WERE on and there was a sillouette pacing back and fourth. When the deputies went in, they found the neighbor boy up there waiting. Waiting in my daughters room with a nice little setup in her closet. He said he liked to "watch her sleep in the moonlight"