Vore- Thread

Warning! Wall of text inc, but this is true and still bothers me to this day.

My mother and I like going for walks together, even if the weather isn't entirely the best.

One Autumn evening about 4 or 5 years ago (I would be 21 or 22) we decided to go for a walk on the local walking path in the Minnesota woods near our home.

It was cloudy, a bit late in the evening... A little windy and just spitting rain but we went anyway. As we walked (we walked a decent speed since it was quite chilly) we noticed no one else on the path, which we guessed was just due to the weather and that was fine. The sun was also going down and Minnesota is full of black bears.

We came up on a side path with a pretty bridge to the side and I wanted to go take some photos of us together on it, but my mother said she had a bad feeling deep in the pit of her stomach: "There could be a bear that way, we should stay on the main path."

I convinced her anyway, and we went and took a few pictures together, then got back onto the main path. We laughed about her bad feeling and brushed it aside.

When we got back on the main path we noticed a man dressed all in black quite a ways up the main path from us. His back was to us, so he was walking in the same direction we were, down the path. We hadn't seen him behind us at all prior to this, and he was walking fairly slowly.

After a while I noticed a break in the trees off of the main path, one less marked and not meant for locals to go on.

I knew if we followed it we would be on a high hill over looking the river that ran by the path. Again I wanted to go, and again my mother's good mood was soured by a bad feeling.

We went despite the terrible feeling she had. I had one at this point as well, but only a small nagging in the pit of my stomach. I suppose nerves, maybe brought on my my mother being so nervous herself.

We walked up a ways until the trees cleared out, and it was a beautiful view. At this point the nagging in my stomach got much worse and I too immediately thought: There's a bear here, we're being watched.

I scanned the woods around us and a small movement caught my eye. A man in a blue jacket was standing just behind the tree line staring at us. I said to mom, "Look, there's someone there!" and pointed at him.

The man immediately took off like a flash of lightning, running in a direction that would take him deeper into the woods, not back onto the path. Mom turned to see him as I pointed, following his movement with my finger. She didn't see him, but we both agreed at once that it was time to turn back and go home.

We hurried back down toward the main path, but when we made it to the very edge of the trees and the main path, it was blocked by the man dressed in black who had been ahead of us before we went that direction. He had just stepped off the main path and was about to head to the same clearing where we had been standing. When he saw us coming he turned around on a dime (so fast I didn't even see his face) and started walking hurriedly back in the same direction he had been before.

We ran out of the path and got into the car, drove to the other end of the path (where the man in black would be exiting). We saw him coming, but when he saw the car he turned again and started walking the other direction. We went back to the other side and waited, but he never showed up.

To this day I think those two men were conspiring and that if we had stayed even a moment longer we may have ended up in that river, dead. I thank my gut feeling and always listen when it begins to gnaw at my insides in warning, and I suggest everyone else does too.