Orval Thread

A little late, hope people see this.

When I was in middle school I was best friends with a guy named Chris. I didn't have a lot of friends I actually hung out with outside of school at the time, he was my best friend. So I would spend the night at his house a lot and we would play video games, watch Anime, whatever.

A lot of creepy shit went down at his house. The most frequent was the light.

We would stay up late watching Dragonball or playing some games on a console or his computer...normal teenage boy shit.

As we would be laying down to sleep, a large circular light would appear on one wall of his bedroom. At this point I'll say his room was on the ground floor and did have a window that faced the street.

I said something basically asking why he was playing with a flashlight but he insisted he wasn't. Bullshit, whatever. We both looked at each other and raised our hands to show they were empty. Nobody else was in the room and the door was shut.

We were a little weirded out but nothing too bad. We looked out the window expecting somebody else out there but the street was empty.

Then the light started moving around the room. It would never come over to us or anything, but would slowly go across the walls.

NOBODY was in the room, nobody was outside. To my knowledge there was no way this could be happening by a physical source.

This would happen from time to time when I stayed there. After awhile we got used to it. I dunno if he ever saw it when I wasn't there.

One time we did both think we saw somebody standing in the closet staring at us. He grabbed a flashlight he DID actually have in the room and shined it but nothing. When he turned it off she (it definitely looked like a woman) was still there and just staring at us.

Freaky shit.

This was all around 1998 just to give a time frame. We went to different High Schools and drifted apart, never figured out what was going on.