Throwawaydog1099 Thread

Throwaway to thwart identification and association with other accounts.

I met a guy my mom dated back in High School. I was about thirteen. Parents and brother were out doing something or other, I was alone. We had three dogs at the time, one was a weimeraner.

Doorbell rang. Dogs kinda go nuts a little. I go to the door, the weimeraner, a 130 lb male, is doing his usual big bad excited thing. Weird guy I've never seen before at the door. I say hi.

He says hi then asks "is here?"

"Uh... yeah, but she's now. She's out right now"

(I was allowed to tell people this now, cause my parents figured between me being 6'2" and the weim plus another big dog anyone that wanted to try and force their way in with just me there was going to be in for a very poor day)

"Oh, ok, well if you could tell her stopped by to say hi I'd appreciate it. Here's my card." He hands me his card, then stops and asks "Oh, is that ?"

"Uh no, he's been gone for a while."

"Oh yeah, sorry, my mistake"

I close the door, think it's weird, but whatever people can be weird. Go back to doing whatever I did. Mom and Dad come home. usual stuff ensues, then I mention the guy and hand mom the card. She and dad look at it.

First time ever I think I've seen both of them go just totally white. Actually truly terrified. Like mortally afraid and upset but trying not to lose it. Mom holds the card like it's a loaded gun that was pointed at my head. Looks at Dad, and he walks off to the kitchen, calls my grandparents, mom's sibling and her spouse, starts to explain things. Family meeting over dinner is planned. I've never seen my parents like this. While he's on the phone he's getting ready to go haul my brother home from whatever he was up to at the time, and is locking all the doors. I think at one point he asks mom if she wants him to get one of the hand guns out, but she says no. He leaves, says he'll be back soon.

Mom puts the card in the kitchen, then sits down by me, and tells me what the hell's going on.

She dated this guy in High School. Her younger sibling dated his younger sibling too. Cute story. Mom and this guy break it off eventually, so do their siblings. Nothing acrimonious, just normal high school stuff. Mom and the guy and the rest of their class graduate. That summer the guy turns 18.

The night of his birthday he murders his entire family.

Mom said the whole town was in shock, totally taken aback by it. Rumors spread. Some people thought the dad could be abusive, was distant and cold towards his son, suspected maybe he hit him from time to time.

At trial, it comes out that his dad, the minute he turned 18, threw him out of the house, hitting him, chasing him off the property. Allegations are made his mother, his sibling did nothing to stop it. Later that evening he came back, broke in, and killed his father, then his mother, then his younger sibling. Cops found him covered in blood sometime the next day, wandering in a daze. I never looked up much of the record, I guess the abuse angle got raised but wasn't pushed hard, dunno how it played into his sentencing. He got put away for just short of 30 years, got a little time shaved off for helping set up an inmate rehab program.

Mom and dad look up the records. He just got out. They figure he must have been trying to make amends, maybe reestablish old connections, they're not sure.

Family meets up, kids all kept at one house in another room, and discuss the situation. Basically go on lockdown for a while. Kids are never left home alone, school teachers and councilors for all the family' kids are told about the guy, told to call police if they see him. We're told to tell our friends to report if anyone unusual starts to ask about us. I get to explain to my friends that my family's terrified that the guy my mom used to date who just got out of prison for killing his family might randomly show up at my school to try and talk to me for god knows what reason.

He never tries to contact any of us again. Eventually sometime later mom sees an article (she'd setup a google alert for his name) and finds he's been caught with child porn. With previous crimes he's sentenced to basically life in prison by the time he gets out he'll be well over 70.

So yeah. Not exactly all that dangerous, but my own personal brush with a guy that killed his entire family then just showed up at my house cause my mom dated him for a while back when they were in high school. Not exactly Stephen King, but it was creepy enough at the time.