StabStabby-From-Afar Thread

So. I don't really know how to start this. My mind tells me I don't believe in paranormal shit or psychics, but my family has had a few incidents.

My aunt has had weird psychic experiences ever since she was a child. I don't know any of the stories from when she was a child, they aren't really shared with me and talking about them freaks my aunt out to begin with.

She did weird things. Like she would call you when the phone was in your hand to call her. Or another time my mother and her brother were in the car together, decided to randomly visit my aunt because they were in the area. My aunt was standing outside of her driveway, leaping up and down as they pulled up. She said she knew they were coming, she just knew they were coming and ran outside to watch them get there.

There's a few that I know of that really stick in my mind though. First is when my great grandmother passed away. My great grandmother and aunt were very close, my aunt taking care of her, bathing her, putting her into bed, cooking for her, the works. My aunt hadn't gone to visit her grandmother that evening because her brother was there instead, so she fell asleep at her place with her husband. She woke up in the middle of the night after having a horrible nightmare about her grandmother with a curly mark on her cheek. Her husband reassured her that it was only a nightmare.

Turns out my grandmother had fallen out of bed and passed away in her sleep. When she was picked up the next morning, she had the imprint of the curly phone chord on her cheek.

The same aunt also became violently sick out of the blue. She told her husband to pull the car over so she could throw up. Found out later she got sick within the same hour my cousin was found dead in a motel room in another city.

My uncle, the father to my cousin who passed away, had a fatal heart attack four years after his son passed. A few weeks later my son was back at my mother's house, where my uncle passed away upstairs. The stairs from my uncle's room lead down to the front door of my mom's room and around the corner. So my son was sitting on the stairs, taking pictures of himself on the iPad and my mom was in the living room. A few days later my mom is deleting pictures off of the iPad to clear the space my son had taken up. She comes across these pictures.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

[Picture 4 for reference of what the pictures SHOULD have all looked like in the background.]

So these pictures would have been taken in quick succession, as a child taking pictures on a tablet usually does. They're also posted in the order they were taken. Those pictures are in order and I think there would have been a few more of the hallway before these, but my mother was deleting those thinking they were all trash.

That black you see behind my son is the stairwell leading up to my uncle's room. When my mom gave me the iPad to look at the pictures, I went through it checking it for outside camera apps to explain the swirl effect. Nothing, no other apps. He used the default camera app to create these photos... and my mother can barely understand how her iPad works, let alone a photo manipulation service on a real computer.

Oh! A personal story I've forgotten about until just now. I was thinking about the fact that my uncle's ashes were still in the house at the time of the photos being taken and remembered my own ashes story.

So I was living alone in a townhouse my mum had rented out for us. She had moved out to take care of a man who visited her restaurant. He was diagnosed with cancer and had nobody to take care of him... and he needed help. Long story short, the man with cancer shoots himself on his front lawn and leaves my mom everything he had... he had a house, the house's property and miscellaneous other items for her. So she's living at the house, yes, the one he shot himself at... which, incidentally, is the same house my son was taking the photos in. Somehow, this man's ashes ended up at the townhouse I was living in. I can't remember why they were brought over or left, but my foggy memory is telling me my mom had a weird experience at her house and asked to leave the ashes at my place. Either that or she just felt weird about having them in her house to begin with, I can't fully recall. Regardless, his ashes were at my place and I was alone with a new baby. I had four cats living with us as well at the time and my mom's room was empty as I stayed in my room with my son. So my mom's room stayed closed unless I let the cats in there to get away from my son for a bit. My mom's bed, unused, had a bunch of glassware that she had kept around the house on it. My son had broken something and I flipped out and put all of her shitty glassware on her bed. I have an issue with glass around kids. It doesn't work.

It's about this time that I should mention that my son had started having vicious night terrors. If you don't know what infant night terrors are, just know they're horrifying for the parents to watch. Your baby is having a nightmare you cannot wake it from and your baby is writhing to get away from you and screaming while still asleep. These started when my son was only a few months old and lasted for a couple of months afterwards.

So I'm in my bed, trying to fall asleep in between my son's times of rest. I started hearing the glass in my mom's room on her bed shift. I could hear them clinking together ever so gently. Then I could hear fingers on the walls, trailing down them, a hint of fingernails but mostly just tips. At this point my eyes are fully open and I'm staring at the wall in the direction of my mom's room. I got up, checked the room, nothing. Checked the room for the cats, no cats. Left the room, checked the living room... four cats in the living room.

This happens a few more times periodically for the few months this man's ashes were at my place. My son continues to have night terrors that get worse and worse as time goes on and I finally tell my mom she needs to come pick up the ashes. I don't believe in paranormal crap, but I've read that if it's true, children are more susceptible to the paranormal. She takes the ashes and from that point on, my son's night terrors declined immediately. They went from happening almost every night, but certainly every other night, to once a week, once a month, then nothing.

When my son would be having the night terrors, as he would come out of them, he would be staring at the wall above his crib. I would wave my hand in front of his face and he wouldn't blink. He barely blinked at all when he was coming out of the night terrors. If I turned him, he would turn his head to keep staring at the wall. The same wall, every single time.

These are the only 'true' "paranormal" stories I believe... because I experienced them. I think my uncle was watching what my son was doing in those photos. I really believe my aunt knows about some shit before it happens, but for the most part she chooses to ignore her "gift". I also believe she wasn't ill when she got sick in the car.

[Picture 4 for reference of what the pictures SHOULD have all looked like in the background.]: