Quote_Poop Thread

This is mostly just weird, and not very creepy, but it's made me question a lot of things that I believe in and don't believe in. When I was little, I would see things in my dreams, and then they would come true. Not like huge predictions or anything, but just short events that would then happen a few weeks or a few days later. It would happen with enough frequency that I didn't think to tell anyone, and no one would believe me when I eventually did.

My most memorable episode was when I was 10 or 11. I dreamed that I was standing on our porch, staring down at my mom's van. My brother was standing behind me, and pushed me off of the porch. When I fell, I looked back, saw his face, and thudded the back of my head against the bumper of the van, and then everything went black, and I woke up. Well, a few months later, it happened, except it didn't go black, and I just got up and freaked out about it.

Also, an unrelated story about trees. So, at my mother's house, we had two gigantic trees. There were quite a few, but these ones were enormous, and a-ways off from the others. When I was a kid, I loved swords, and had a few un-sharpened ones. Well, I took a swing with one of the swords at the tree, and the sword split into three pieces.

But, I thought it was just the sword. But, one year later, I was driving one of our three-wheelers around, and as soon as I was under the tree, I couldn't see. Everything was a blur, and I lost my ability to hear anything. I drove away from it, and I gradually got my vision and hearing back. To this day, I still live in fear of the fucking tree.