FNGPete Thread

This happened a few years ago.

My father in law was a huge Stephen King fan. I had never read much of his work, maybe Pet Semetary back in High School. Upon his insistence, I started reading the first book in the dark tower series. I was hooked. After reading the whole series, I wanted to read more about some of the supporting characters that had appeared in other books. The first book I wanted to read was Salem's Lot, and I was having trouble finding a used copy.

Roger, my father in law, suggested I hit up garage sales. The next Saturday I went out to search. I was about ready to give up, because I had to go pick up a friend, but I decided to hit up one more. At 4519 Callahan Street, I found the book. At this point, it is nothing more than coincidence. (Father Callahan is the character that appears in both the Dark Tower novels and Salem's Lot. If you add up the numbers in the house number you get 19, a number that figures prominently in the Dark Tower.)

I go home, change, and head back out to pick up a friend. I was on my way home at 7:57 (19!) listening to 97.3 (19!) on my radio, getting ready to take exit 19 off of GA route 19. The song someone saved my life tonight by Elton John came on as I took my exit. (Father Callahan references this song several times.)

I remember thinking that i should buy a lottery ticket due to seeing 19 so many times.

I arrived home with my friend, and we were watching a movie when my wifes phone rang. She went into our bedroom to take the call. Shortly after I heard her scream.

Her dad had just died in an automobile crash.