AlfyDaKid06 Thread

When I was little like 5 or 6 we lived in a duplex on the second floor. My sister who is 8 years older than me was babysitting me. Her friend was over and we were playing war(the card game) in the dining room. With this being a duplex every room was basically connected by one long hallway. Right now we are in the middle and we have the living room adjacent to us. My sister wanted to listen to the radio which was on the wall that seperated the dining room and the living room. The tv was on and she asked(told) me to go turn off the tv and turn on the radio. Now this is 20 years ago and we didn't have any remotes for the radio and the tv remote was in the living room. I get up and right before I touch the radio on it turns on and the tv turns off. I freak out. My sister doesn't believe me thinks I used the tv remote. So she has me get up again and turn the tv on and turn the radio off. I step foot onto the ground and the radio turns off and the tv turns on. All hell breaks loose. Our cat runs through the house (I always associate cats with paranormal activity) and we call our moms friend and get the hell out. Find out later that a guy killed himself in the house.

TL;DR electronic shit turned on and off by itself freaked little me out.