MissCalypso Thread

Maybe 10 years ago when xanga was a thing, I'd be on the computer at my grandparents house.. They own an old victorian house and the front of the house has 3 living rooms in the shape of an upside down L, and a foyer to connect the two corner living rooms. The computer is in the middle room, I usually shut the doors to the front one because the house is huge, I hated seeing things out of the corner of my eyes which I felt I did a lot more at a younger age than I do now when I'm here.. anyway, doors shut. I hear something banging on the window of that room. There is a front door in the room that I was in, with a wrap around porch to the other side of the front room, so I walk out. nothing is there. Go back inside, more computer games blah blah. The doors start moving as if someone is trying to open it. I was home alone.