Falalalalafelman Thread

This might be too late but here goes:

The creepiest thing that has ever happened to me was within my own home back in middle school. I was spending some time with my best friend, we'll call him Stanley, in the living room of my house. We were taking care of my sisters while waiting for my parents to come home so we could practice our mad beatboxing skills at his place, where no one would faint from our fresh beats (mock us). My sisters were running around me; one practicing (banging) on the upright piano, the other playing with her pee doll (you know, the ones where you give them some water in a bottle and they pee in their diaper). We had just unplugged one of those boombox stereos so we could bring it to his place and prepping it for the arduous journey (4 houses away) ahead. I was placing one of the speakers by the front door, while my friend was unplugging the red and black audio cable from the middle section of the boom box in the living room when static started coming out of both speakers. This, in itself, caused us to look at each other in a mix of confusion and fear, but what followed is burned into our minds almost 2 decades later.

While the static started getting louder we suddenly witnessed my sister's doll fly across the room and landed on it's plastic feet, facing us. The speaker that my friend was holding crackled and from it came a tiny voice that said, "You ... should..."

When my speaker roared to life in a voice that I could only describe as a demon getting it's chest waxed, " LEAVE NOW!"

We ran out of my house so fast, we left my sisters in the house shaking.