BurnPhoenix Thread

I know your post is from yesterday, but I really just wanted to share my experiences!

Occasionally, I will have strange dreams. Now, most of my normal dreams are fuzzy and 'out of body'-ish, and I'm fairly sure this is normal with most people. Sometimes though, I will have THE dreams. My uber religious mother in law calls them premonitions, but I'm still a little skeptical.

The dream is mundane usually. It isn't wacky or physics defying. It's just as normal as waking life. There is intense clarity. I can recall the smells, the sights, the sounds, the textures with crystalline accuracy. My memory in normal life is about average, but I can remember every single detail about every single one of THE dreams. The events in the dreams are normal, but foreign. Most dreams are about things that you've seen, whether consciously or subconsciously. THE dreams however, are always of things I've never done or seen before. I always wake up from them with cold chills.

The most mundane dream I've had was this: I was sitting in a dark theater, holding the hand of a boy. I was looking at the speaker on the wall to my right, noticing a cobweb. The particular scene in the movie was a young boy fiddling with a radio, and I was looking right at the speaker as the static jumped around. I had this dream in 2006 (when I was 13).

In 2011, I went to watch the movie Super 8 with my boyfriend. I was getting restless, and started to fidget. My boyfriend reached over and held my hand, whispering to me to stop wiggling. I looked over and noticed a cobweb on the speakerbox on the wall to my right, and the boy on screen started fiddling with a radio. Exactly as I dreamt 5 years earlier. Then I felt intense de ja vu, and a cold knawing in my stomach.

The scariest dream I've ever had was this: I walk from a kitchen to a living room. I feel the linoleum change to carpet under my feet, my sock snagging on the runner that separates the two floor types. The room is small, lit by a large lamp. A baby in a pink and cream onsie pulls itself to a standing position using the TV cabinet. I look down to mark my spot in a book, and when I look back up the baby has fallen back, and it's face is blue. I wake up in a cold sweat, and run to the bathroom to be sick. I dreamt this in 2003 when I was 10.

When I was 14, one of my mom's work friends had just gotten a new apartment. She asked me to babysit her little girl while she and her boyfriend went on a date. It was the little girls bedtime, and I dressed her in the onsie laid out by her mom. Pink and creme. I walked into the kitchen to grab her bottle, and when I walked back into the living room my sock snagged on the runner. I felt cold in my stomach, and I watched the little girl pull herself up using the TV cabinet. I was planning on putting away my books and putting her to bed, but I rushed over to grab her instead. She was holding a bottle cap in her tiny fist. De ja vu. Nausea. I saw her die in my dream, four years earlier.