mrdavidpoe Thread

I posted this story in /r/nosleep about a ~~year~~ while ago. Was/is an actual experience. (I RePost it anytime something like this comes up).

Note: The body of this story takes place between August & October 2009.

I was a graphic designer at an agency shortly after I left college. Every day was incredibly stressful; they never knew how to say ‘no’ to the client and always over promised and under delivered. Every project was an emergency. Finally my (then girlfriend, now wife) suggested that I try meditation. I am in no way a religious guy but I can admit strange and unexplained things happen outside the realm of what we understand is ‘normal’. So I did some minor research and started off with Kundalini meditation and borrowed an album, from a co worker, to guide me through it. The first time I did it, I was just a little dizzy, there are a lot of breathing methods implemented in most meditations but Kundalini asks you to do several different types. The next time it was around three-a.m (this was also to help me sleep), my girlfriend was asleep and I was sitting on the floor in the bedroom by the bed. I could hear my breathing and my gf's breathing and, distinctly, the breathing of someone else. My eyes snapped open and I turned around expecting Tina to be standing there. Nothing. I turned back around and was facing the door way that leads out into a short hallway. That was where I fist saw it: it was human-esque but standing awkwardly, like this is not how it normally stands; it looked like it was struggling to stay on two feet. I could not make out details, it was entirely black (not to be confused with an absence of light, but black as a color) and it was standing in a dark hallway. We have a wireless switch for our fan/light, I hit the light. Nothing was there. The next day I tossed it off to it being late and a weird breathing exercise. It was just my brain playing games on my overactive and tired mind. I went to work and came home. Tina called and said that she was running late and that she would be home in a few hours, I said I would have dinner ready. The water was boiling with the pasta and the meat-sauce was on a low simmer and it had gotten dark. I had been playing a game when the timer went off and suddenly realized just how dark it had gotten. I went into the kitchen to strain the pasta. (This part happens in the blink of an eye) I had that feeling that someone was there, like having your eyes closed and someone holding their hand in front of your face. I freaked out and thought it was an intruder and turned quickly with a knife from the counter. With all of the survival skills I have... I still dropped the knife when I saw it. It was only there until it was in my direct field of vision; it was, again, in perfect lighting still a totally black spot - not really reflecting any light - still no details inside the silhouette. I stood for what felt like forever staring in the space that it had been (possibly still was) and darting my eyes around to the other dark places to make sure I was alone. I did not want to tell Tina about it, a few years before, she had nightly night-terrors and would wake up screaming this horrifying scream. Weeks passed and my hesitation to walk into a dark room passed with them. Eventually I decided to leave my job and because of the backwards work-ethics, they were not going to pay for the two weeks of off-time I had not used, I took the two weeks as vacation and decided to give my two weeks notice when I got back. It was going to be a ‘stay-cation’, sleep as long as I can, play games the rest of the day. I would cook dinner and be all-a-round relaxed when Tina got home. About a week in, I woke up briefly as Tina was getting ready for work and fell back asleep. What I thought was minutes later, something felt off and I opened my eyes: out of the darkness of the hallway came a figure, like a rigid corpse being thrown at me, flying over me and landing on me. I sat up with a short scream.

I (was twenty-eight years old at the time of writing this) and (had) been a working freelancer from home since I left the job in 2009. I have seen, what I like to call, ‘the stranger thing’ about ten times. The sightings have not always been at night or inside the house. I have not seen them since earlier (2010) but I have also not practiced any mediation since those first few times.

I have done several pieces of artwork based on these feelings and one is of the morning-vision I described above.