iwannarooyou Thread

I was in my last year of university and living with 2 other girls in a house off campus. That week we heard news about a raping that had happened where the girl was left badly beaten behind a dumpster in our neighborhood. Luckily she ended up being found & fully recovered in a hospital, and was able to give the description of a white male wearing a dark hoodie. He followed her home one night.

One night we all decided to go out but each girl had different plans. I ended up arriving home around 3am to a sleeping roommate on the couch in the front living room and figured our last housemate, lets call her Danielle, was staying over at her boyfriends. I ended up drifting off on the other couch. Sometime around 4am frantic knocks startled us both to wake. Very cautiously, we opened the door and were relieved to see Danielle and a man who we did not recognize. She was noticeably unnerved and ran into the house, and shut the door, but not before myself and my roommate saw the man take off from behind her. She finally calmed and told us that this man in a dark hoodie had been following her a few blocks.

If we hadn't opened the door then, or if we hadn't both been sleeping on the couch in the front room (where we could easily hear the door), he would have grabbed her, or done whatever he had planned.