TotallyNotaMutant Thread

My dad told me this story about a trip he took to Africa doing some non-profit work. One night, he and a friend stayed in this one hotel. In the middle of the night, he wakes up to his friend in the bed across the room shaking and sweating and reading a Bible by flashlight. He questioned his friend about what was wrong but the guy was just really shaken up and didn't want to discuss it. They both laid back down and did their best to go to sleep.

A few hours later my dad got up to go to the bathroom. He walked into the bathroom and there stood an African woman staring off into space. He turned away for a moment and then turned back and she was gone. He was completely unnerved by this and the way his friend was freaking out and so he turned around and walked back to his bed and lay down. As he lay there he said he all of a sudden caught a whiff of body odor (which is normal for a lot of the local people as deodorant isn't a big deal). He turned to look beside him and there was the woman laying flat on her back, staring at the ceiling.

The next morning he asked his friend what had shaken him up so badly the night before. His friend had seen her too.