NeedsLoomis Thread

My little experience maybe someone will skim this far down and enjoy it :)

I lived in Savannah Georgia for 10 or so years. One night my s.o. and I are both startled awake at the exact same time, and without looking, we asked each other simultaneously "are you awake?".

Just as we were about to giggle, the loud ass rotating fan we keep by the side of the bed died. This is usually no big deal, the old city has blackouts all the time, but we didn't have long to think about it. About two seconds after the fan turned off, just long enough for us to finish turning our heads in response to the new silence, our bedroom door started violently and loudly rattling, like a panicked person on the other side was trying to open the locked door.

I didn't really think about it, I just instantly made the assumption that our small timid female roommate might be in trouble. In full on paternal adrenaline mode, I leapt out of bed, grabbed the shaking door knob, and swung the door open.

Not only was there no one there, but the door wasn't even locked. I could see the whole apartment from that doorway. It was dark, completely empty, and dead quiet. I hear the fan turn back on.

The whole event was probably only a minute or two long, from waking up to the fan coming back on again. Not much happened after that. I scanned the house for intruders, checked on my passed out snoring roommate, and we tried to go back to sleep as the creepiness factor slowly worked it's way into our awareness.