Emebb Thread

My dad told me this story when I almost purchased a Ouija board. Now, my fathers a typical Australian bloke and he's one to hold his emotions pretty well. I knew the story he told me was true once I saw the honest fear in his eyes. He started with explaining that he was very reckless when he was young, and one of his main faults was drink driving. He explained that he had at least gone through 3 cars by the time he was 20 and had often woken up at the stump of a tree. One night he was invited to a party at a mates house. Nothing was out of the ordinary until a shocked looking girl came out of a room and walked up to him saying that he needed to follow her. Bit freaked out, he followed her as she walked into a dark room with a few other people in it who were all circled around a table. On the table was a Ouija board and candles. The girl explained that the 'ghost' had asked to speak to him. Dad, thinking it was a joke, laughed and though alright I'll have a crack. Once he put his hand on the dial (that's what he referred it as, guessing it to be the planchette?) it reacted by moving to certain letters. It spelt out Robert. As there were two other people having their hands on the dial, he believed it to be them. He replied by saying 'Hi'. The board then began to spell you stop drink driving. Dad still believed it was a joke considering many people knew that he did drink drive, it was common back then. The next part was what really haunted him. It spelt out you'll end up like me, then the name of a man who no one else in the room knew but him. It was his fathers friend who died when dad was young by crashing his car after driving drunk. Needless to say, Dad never drank drive again..

May not be as creepy as a lot of stories but I believe it to be true.