fantasynewb Thread

I can finally contribute. I used to work for GeekSquad handling inbound inquires about services calls that had already been scheduled. People would call in to either cancel or reschedule their appointments. For the most part, the job was pretty mellow, but there was one particular call that gave me the chills. It was a Saturday night and I was eagerly waiting to get off my shift. It was particularly quiet that night, so I figured I wouldn't get anymore calls and I started to pack up early. Literally a minute before the end of my shift, a call comes in. I reluctantly answer the phone, "Geeksquad, this is agent David, how can I help you?". The lady on the other end is calm, but noticeably distraught. She begins to tell me that she has received several calls from our organization for an in home service that was scheduled to occur on August 10th. I asked for her name, city, state and zip code. This was standard procedure and we necessary in order to pull up her customer profile. I find her profile and confirm that she does have a service scheduled for August 10th. This is where things start to get a bit creepy. The women on the other line tells me that she never scheduled any services and that the calls have actually be asking for her mother. After reading through the notes on her account, I see that the it was her mother that setup the service. My first thought was that the her mother scheduled a service for herself, but the original rep accidentally set the appointment up for her daughter. This was not entirely uncommon, as the customer database would often bring up family members associated with a specific surname, address, city or state. Another possibility was that the lady on the other line used her mothers visa to pay for a previous service with us. When this is done, the name of the cardholder would automatically become the primary contact on the account. I did my due diligence and asked all these questions to the customer. The lady on the other line trembled. She said unfortunately this is not possible. When I asked why not, she told me that her mother had died 3 years ago. To make things even more creepy, she passed away on August 10th. Both of us on the line were reaaaaaally freaked out.