B0h1c4 Thread

When my oldest daughter was about 2-4 years old, she would watch this claymation kids show called 'JoJo's Circus'. Jojo was a young female clown. My daughter had a stuffed doll of Jojo that had a speaker inside and when you squeezed different parts of her she would say different things. She would sing songs, repeat shapes, colors, numbers etc. as a sort of educational toy. If you were playing with her and didn't touch her for a minute or two, she would say "let's play!". If you did play with her, she would start back up. If you didn't, she would shut off.

As my daughter got a little older, she lost interest in Jojo. So the doll ended up in a plastic tub in the garage....All stuff to give away, sell in a garage sale, whatever... Our master bedroom was right above the garage and one night my wife woke me up and said that she heard someone talking. It sounded like it was coming from outside. I listened and sure enough I faintly heard what sounded like a child laughing and talking, but it sounded like it was in the house (downstairs).

We listened to it for a minute or two, then I decided to go investigate. I looked out the windows, didn't see anything unusual. I made my way downstairs and heard the voice coming from the garage. As I neared the garage door, I recognized the voice as the Jojo doll. I paused by the door and listened. It sounded like someone was frantically pushing the buttons...not letting her finish an entire song or complete a phrase. It would say "squ, squ, squ, square!" And "thr, thr, thr, three!" Like someone was just mashing the buttons.

I thought maybe there was some sort of animal attacking the doll or maybe the batteries were just running low.... (but for the record, when the batteries would get low in that doll it would get real slow sounding. It wasn't doing that). So I grabbed a softball bat out of my bat bag that I had in our mud room.

I paused for a second thinking that I was about to get into a fight with a racoon or something. I pounder on the door a little bit to scare off whatever it was, but the sounds persisted. So I took a deep breathe, opened the door and hit the lights.

Jojo was sitting there (sitting up) on top of the plastic bin that she was in. The lid was sealed closed. She completed her phrase and went silent. I stood there for a few minutes still inside the house just looking around. It was silent. She wasn't making anymore noises....I didn't hear anything moving....silence.

I saw her the moment I opened the door. Nothing was close to her...

I walked out into the garage and started poking around rattling things, trying to make any animals move. Nothing. Then Jojo said "Play with me!". I picked her up...There was no marks, so saliva, no signs that an animal had been tampering with it. I opened the plastic tub that she was in and everything looked fine. No sign of animals.


I took her out and put her in the trunk of my car so she wouldn't wake us up again. I told my wife it was just Jojo and that her batteries must be running low. I asked her if she or our daughter had gotten her out of the box, and she said no. I spared her the details because she would have never slept in that house again.

But it was really weird. It really sounded like something/someone was playing with that doll. And the moment I opened the door, it stopped. Was the doll malfunctioning? Was there an animal of some sort? Was there a ghost kid playing with it? To this day, I have no idea.

As a little background, I am fairly certain that no one has ever died in that house. It was built in 1981 and my wife was childhood friends with the girl that lived there when it was first built. She is still alive, and we bought the house from her divorced mother. We were the second owners.