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Growing up, weird shit would happen in our house on a regular basis. Me and my brother were downstairs once watching TV in the house alone, when we heard this massive thwomp come from the room right above us, like a grown-ass man climbed up on a dresser and jumped off onto thr floor or something. Or when we'd be in my room upstairs playing video games and it would sound like the clothes hangers in the closet in the adjacent room were moving, as if someone was picking out something to wear. We'd even try to outsmart it, one of us staying in one room and the other, usually me, going to "check it out". It always stopped right as we rounded the corner though. I went to sleep many nights listening to someone or something looking through that closet on the other side of the wall. Other shit too, things would move from where you put them. Car keys in particular, would always wind up in a certain spot on the kitchen counter, after dissappearing from around the house. One bathroom always seemed like someone was standing in the doorway when you passed it in the hall. You didn't "see" anything, you'd just always startle thinking someone was right there. My brother/dad told me years later they had the same sensation. You just never felt alone there. Also, I remember when hurricane Hugo came through, all of my family were at the house and I got put in bed in "Aunt Sara's" old room, an elderly aunt that had moved out into a nursing home, the one where the closet made the noise. I spent that entire night giving fuck-all about the hurricane because I was sitting up, staring at this creepy old wooden rocking chair that was in the corner. It didn't move or anything, I just..felt..someone there. I told my uncle about that recently (he grew up in the house too) and he that chair always freaked him the fuck out too, and that Aunt Sara refused to let him or anyone ever sit in it when he was a kid, and never sat in it herself, because in her words "it's an antique, you never know who it might have belonged to". I know all this doesn't fit the "spooky story with a punchline" theme going on here, but I thought I'd share.. EDIT Holy shit, Reddit app I use on my phone blitzed like a hundred posts of this, I think I got them all, apologies to the thread.