DoctorWhatMD Thread

I'm super late but I'm going anyways so hopefully someone out there reads this. A year ago my friend and I were living in the house his parents had been renting out. The previous people living there had just moved out earlier that week and the house had zero furniture and stuff other than a fridge. We had moved a tv into the living room and were both sleeping in that room and the only other room with anything in it was the master bathroom which had all our toothbrushes, soap, etc. in it. I'm always up late and I would always think I heard stuff but usually just thought I was hearing things but one night we were both awake and heard a loud bang from the bathroom in the master bedroom. We both looked at each other and went to look at what had made the noise.

The door to the bathroom was open which wasn't a big deal because one of us probably had left it open, but all our toiletries were all over the place on the floor and the door to the walk-in closet was open and neither of us had been in there at all.

None of the other doors in the house were opened and nothing bigger than that happened since but I still wonder what the hell happened that night.