tehmooch Thread

I posted a similar story on a different thread months ago, but it suits here too.

When I was about 2 my grandfather died. I was too young to remember but I heard stories about how he adored me, and he loved me tirelessly. Id visit him or he would visit me almost every day. He sometimes refused to let my dad hold or play with me until the visit was over. He loved me very much.

After he died, our dog went nuts. Before we even found out about his passing our dog Casey became very violent. My mom was forced to put him down. (He was attacking people, and she was afraid for me since I was so little). That dog was awesome before this happened. It was really wierd.

A few days after we all found out he died, my mom put me to bed, cleaned up my room and put my toys in the closet (closing the door! This is important!). I was in my crib asleep when she left the room. She swears to this day by this as I don't remember, but she heard me babbling from my crib and it was non stop. She came back upstairs and I was somehow sitting on the floor, closet door wide open, staring up at it. She asked who I was talking to, and I replied "Bampa". (Thats how I said Grampa.) She was very freaked out.

When I turned about 5, I lost "piggy". He was a stuffed little pig I'd always have with me. Everywhere I went. I had him on me at all times. I went to bed with him, and when I woke up, he was gone. Nobody could find him anywhere. I cried for days. There was nowhere for him to have gone missing either. I was on a flat mattress so there was no "under the bed" area, and my room was clean. It was really wierd. My sister kept saying "Grampa took him."

And the final piece that I personally remember still freaks me out. I was 7, and woke up in the middle of the night wanting a glass of water. I didnt want to wake my parents up, so I left the lights off. As I made my way downstairs I took a hard slip and was about to smash my face against the bottom step, but all of a sudden I felt something (or someone!) Catch me, and I felt like I was in a trance. I couldn't move, couldn't call out, and I felt like I was floating down the stairs. Slowly. When my feet hit the floor at the bottom of the stairs I snapped back to reality. I know this wasnt a dream, because I vividly remember running back up the stairs to try and replicate what happened (I held the banister and pretended to jump) and nothing happened. I never told anyone for fear of being made fun of and people thinking I'm crazy, but I suspected it was Grampa.

And to top it all off, about six months ago I visited my mom and we got on the subject of my Grampa. I then told her the above story for the first time and she went white as a ghost. My sister had a similar experience when we were younger (this was a few years after my story happened, but still) and she DID tell my Mom. She was also caught and put in a trance after almost falling down the stairs. Floating until safe. I was never aware and she didn't know my story either.

Whether you believe any of this or not, my family swears by it, and its the only real paranormal experience I can recall. It freaks me out but I am grateful it happened.

Thanks Grampa Louis for looking out for us. I know it was you. ♡