jamie_s91 Thread

Let me start by saying I'm not religious, nor am I a real paranormal believer. I think the paranormal and cryptozoological are interesting, but often explainable. This is one thing that I witnessed that truly creeped me the fuck out. A few years ago, I lost my Uncle Ray to an unfortunate battle with cancer. Everyone on my mom's side of the family was there at their house, while he was on his deathbed. It was a long time coming, and we knew he could pass any second. We were all laughing, and sharing stories about him in the living room. A hospice nurse, my grandma, my aunt, and my grandpa were all in the room with Ray talking to the nurse. We heard this terrible sound, and immediately all ran to the bedroom. It was his final breath. It was totally quiet. Here's where it got weird.. Both of their dogs, and their cat started going apeshit. Barking and meowing. Then, both dogs Rocky and Marilyn (both Great Pyreneeses) and their cat all stood up on their hind legs, all while swatting at the air while whining in unison. It was as if they were trying to catch something that kept slowly going higher and higher. It was very unnerving. The religious members of my family burst into tears saying that they were trying to catch his "soul." Whatever happened, it was really fucking weird.