Oatilis Thread

Well I didn't want to start with this story again but what the heck. It's kind of personal so please go easy on me.

When I was about 4 my family moved to a new apartment. It was a nice neighborhood, and it was just me, my mom, dad and sister. As soon as we moved some weird stuff started happening.

I started seeing all sorts of weird things moving (which I still remember, and try to explain today), for instance, I had a big doll sitting on a shelf across from the bed. One night I could swear it was staring at me, and its leg started moving up and down, tapping the wood. I was just a little kid but I was shocked and I knew I was seeing something unreal. So stupid little me actually gets out of bed to check it out. I remember to this very day how I put my finger under that doll's leg, and it kept moving up and down, tapping my finger. Yes, I could feel it. I remember the touch to this day. Also, it was staring at me the whole time, and I just freaked out.

I ran to my parents' room screaming and told them to get every freaking doll out of my room. I had bad dreams about that thing for a long time. I still hate dolls to this day.

The following week my mom took a little walk in the neighborhood to get to know the surroundings. She went into the nearest grocery store. The lady there told her that nobody lasted too long in our new apartment, and that the last three families that got there broke apart.

My parents got a divorce the following year and we left the apartment. Weird stuff were happening to everybody but I only wrote down some of what personally happened to me.

When I think about it, this is the first time I ever wrote this story down. And going over it I see why.