DigitalAnomaly Thread

My friend is a military man and his family owns a house in a rural area in the Philippines (Nueva Ecija, to be exact) . I believe it was some sort of family inheritance. Anyway, the area around the house had been subject to treasure hunters looking for Yamashita's gold. They decided to put a stop to the digging by going there themselves to address the issue and also have a vacation at the same time. Their whole family went, from his dad who is also from the military, to his mom and his two sisters.

When they got there, their neighbors advised them to make sure that they get inside their house by 5 pm without offering any explanation. They found that piece of advice quite odd but they did so anyway, in case it had something to do with the local wildlife. They stayed in their respective rooms that night but they didn't get much rest because of the strange things that they saw.

My friend was getting ready for bed when he noticed that outside the window, across the field near their neighbor's property, there was a big dog-like creature. He went to the window to get a better look and he saw this beast was beside the neighbor's Volkswagen Beetle. What took him aback was that this "dog" was as big as the car. Then something else caught his eye, a large head sticking out above a line of coconut trees being illuminated by the moonlight, staring right at him (possibly a kapre). He quickly closed the windows and decided stay in bed, not knowing if he was seeing things or not.

That same night, his sisters had been hanging out in the dining area when they saw a curtain floating around. At first, they thought it was just the wind blowing it around so they ignored it. After a few moments, they realized that there was no wind, with the windows all closed and nary a slight breeze. They freaked out and ran to their rooms, hiding under their sheets for the entire night.

His parents weren't spared from this freak show as well. In their room was an antique closet with nothing in it. At random times during the night, it would swing wide open, making quite some noise and after a while, it would slam shut. They were sleepy and tired from the day so they just let this be, thinking it might have been the wind.

The next morning, they recounted their experiences and decided that for the next night, they'll all stay in the living room together, figuring that they'll be safer that way. They wanted to stay since it was a long trip going to their rural house and it felt like a waste if they didn't maximize the visit.

That night, as planned, they slept in the living room. My friend's slumber was interrupted by the sound of heavy breathing and hot air blowing in his face. He opened his eyes and his heart skipped a beat after seeing an enormous black mass with red eyes, floating above and staring straight back at him. He immediately closed his eyes and tried to grab his gun but it was just out of reach. He tried to nudge his dad awake who was beside him to no avail. He finally decided to whisper to him, "Pa, there's something on top of us." His father then replied in a very annoyed yet freaked out tone, "I know. Just shut your eyes and go to sleep."

They immediately left at the first sign of light. Their week-long vacation reduced to two days. Also, it just so happens that their house is right beside a cemetery.

My friend is a very straightforward guy so coming from him, I tend to believe this story. The only thing he wonders about is not being able to attempt a shot at the floating black thing but he says he doesn't want to repeat that again. I just asked him to refresh my memory about that story and his hairs were on end, goosebumps everywhere.