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So when I was a wee little lad, my mother used to rock me to sleep on a hammock because that was the quickest way to get me to fall asleep. One night while she was alone in the house with rocking me to sleep on the hammock, she was tired and accidentally fell asleep on the floor while rocking the hammock back and forth. she then had a brief dream in which she saw her elder sister, my aunt, who passed away years before I was born. My aunt supposedly walked up to her sat down in the dream, comforting and telling my mom to go to sleep because she can take over the hammock rocking for my mom. My mom said she immediately woke the fuck up and saw the hammock rocking back and forth on its own as if she never stopped rocking it the whole time.

My mom dreams about her dead sister all the time. She just shows up and tells my mom stuff.