Shinjetsu01 Thread

Ok, here goes. everyone I know has been creeped out by this story and looking back it is quite bad. The house I lived in from birth until I was 11 was pretty close to a Hospital for Mentally Ill people. Nothing like in Outlast or House on Haunted Hill - and it's been shut down for a good few years and turned into houses. Anyway - my parents worked there, my mum a psychiatric nurse and my dad worked on the wards where the guys were deviants so they'd do shit like eating sheets, playing in their shit, scratch their own lips off - crap like that.

Anyway we lived in a house about 500 yards away. From an early age my parents tell me I'd be heard laughing uncontrollably. This lasted until I was 2 when I'd have full blown conversations as much as a 2 year old could. I vividly remember a kid making shapes with his hands in the light which would set me off. I used to draw on the walls of my room, next to my bed, I seemingly was obsessed with drawing police cars and crowds of people chasing a man. At first my drawings were unintelligible but then as I approached 4/5 they were getting better and thats what my parents remember me drawing. Always police cars, always chasing a man. I showed no interest in police or playing cops/robbers outside of this. I played with the kid I believe, one of the funniest things that happened was he locked me in a coal shed from the outside. He told me to get inside, so I did and then he ran away. My mum heard me screaming, asked how I got in there as the only way to lock it was from the outside and didn't believe me that it was this kid.

This is where it gets freaky. As I aged, I grew out of taking notice of this person who seemed to frequent my room. I woke one night - I think I was 6/7 to a loud banging downstairs. My parents room was across the landing, so I walked across. Looked down the stairs and was frozen in terror. We had a draught excluder that was like a snake, it was hanging on the door handle of the front door, swinging. There was a man slowly walking up the stairs. I screamed and the man went away and I heard a voice telling me to "come here" - I passed out and woke up in my bed as if it were a dream. I went downstairs the next day and saw the snake still on the handle. Freaked me out.

My parents didn't tell me until I was much older that before we lived there a man had escaped from the hospital, come to this house and stole a kid and took him back and hid him in a shed on the hospital site for 2 days before he was found.