Ixias Thread

I work in an old folks home at night. It's usually pretty calm since most of the residents go to sleep early in the night, and then it's just answering the alarm phones. Every resident has an alarm they can press if they need help with anything. Usually it's just going to the bathroom but now and then someone falls over or something.

A few weeks ago when I got to work they told me one of the ladies there had died during the evening, which happens now and then since the residents are old and sick. She was still in her room since it was getting late, but they locked the door so none of the other residents wandered in there. Her apartment number was 18, which is on the second floor.

So later that night, around 3 am, my coworker (we're always two people working) was off doing laundry so I was alone in the staff room watching TV. My alarm phone rings and I see it's number 18. I do a double take and recheck it, but it's definitely number 18. I just pretended like I didn't see it, no fucking way I'm answering that. I know it was probably a glitch or something but I did not go near her door until the funeral home retrieved her body. I never told my coworker either.