I have 2 stories. Both are a little creepy and I've only learned about them recently. My mom sometimes likes to go on about stuff I used to do as a kid. Now to preface the first story, I have always had this need to not be near windows. I will go outta my way to be as far away from windows as I can. Anyway, when I was younger, my mom said that I used to have these sleepwalking sessions and would sit in the living room in front of the window doors leading to the backyard. She said I would sit there and talk to the doors for the longest time and would say goodnight and then would got to bed. She said she would never wake me up because its something you never do to sleepwalkers. Well, one time she said that there was one incident where I had sat in front of the doors, got up and started screaming as loud as I could to them. To this day, I have no idea what she is talking about, but again I do have this nagging thing about windows.

Second story...

When I was really young we had this cat named zip who we loved a ton. In fact, he used to come to my door and scratch on it everytime he wanted some water. When he did, keep in mind this was really late at night, I would go to the kitchen, get him a small bowl with some water and would leave it in front of my door. The scratching would stop. Fast forward to when I was 6. Zip had passed away from some kind of heart thing and my mom said that I never cried when she told me. She said that after he passed that I still used to put a bowl of water outside my bedroom. She eventually confronted me about it and apparently I said that zip would still scratch my door when he was thirsty.