kristidoll23 Thread

Backstory: My mom had my sister at 20 and me at 23. She was married to our biological father, who had a serious drug problem. Coke, heroine, pot... you name it, I'm sure he did it. Eventually she left him because he was obviously a piece of shit.

My bio dad had a friend he would regularly do drugs with. The drug of their choice to do together was coke. Anyways, bio dads friend had a wife or girlfriend he'd been with for a long time. She was also into coke and would use with them.

So after one night, the girlfriend ends up dead with a butcher knife in her gut. My mom was friends with this girl and was horrified to find this out. So, bio dad and friend are talking, not knowing my mom is eavesdropping and supposedly they got hungry and she made a sandwich for them, the knife slipped, and she stabbed herself. Her bf/husband freaks out, leaves her there, and she bleeds out. It really makes no goddamn sense if you're high off your ass on coke to be making food. So my mom hears the friend telling my bio dad to not talk to the cops and not say anything, etc. Upon hearing this, my mom took my sister (and me in her belly) and left. There was no definitive proof he stabbed her, but his story made no goddamn sense.

Anyways, about a week after this poor woman somehow stabbed herself (or was murdered, more likely) my mom had put my sister down for a nap, so she could nap too, as she was pregnant with me. She always left the door open so she could hear my sister (this was the 80's) and about a half hour after she laid down she woke up, the door was shut, she couldn't move, but felt and saw cat paw prints jump on the bed and walk towards her. She tried to scream, but nothing came out. (Apparently I was kicking like crazy, which was odd for me.)

Next thing she knows, she can hear the murdered friends voice. Quietly saying "don't believe him, he killed me. He did it." Over and over. Eventually the cat paw prints retreat off the bed and she can move. The murdered girlfriends favorite animal was cats.

Could have been a very vivid dream or sleep paralysis, but I've never forgotten that story. Dude was never charged, even considering the circumstances, and her death was labeled an accident.