inherittheskylines Thread

So this will probably be buried because it's really not as creepy as others, but it's the only story I could think of.

Right after graduating high school and in the beginning of summer some friends and I decided to hang out in this wooded area in my town. You have to cross some abandoned train tracks to get to it, and its by a small river/stream, and my friends and I used to hang out and have a fire pit, drink, ride bikes, etc.

So me and two of my friends are walking towards the entrance to this area and we see a guy maybe in his twenties walking around the area, but we think nothing of it and assume he's with the other friends we were meeting there. He follows behind us silently as we wait to walk up to where our other friends are and even sits down in the semi circle, but doesn't say much. This guy is out of place, long dark brown hair, kind of unwashed, and older than all the high schoolers he was with, but everyone pretty much acted normal.

After a few minutes, he gets up to walk around, presumably looking for firewood the way some other people are, and that’s when some of my friends start filling me in on what’s going on. Apparently when the first of them arrived and started getting the fire pit together this guy was already there in the woods and started talking to them, but didn't seem too weird or anything, except that he kept hanging around them.

Later on while some of them were walking around in the woods this guy starts talking about how he'd had a hammer he'd lost somewhere out here and he lost it, and really needed to find it. Some of the guys start walking around with him to help him try and find his hammer, though later I was told that someone tossed it into the river when he wasn't looking. He started saying how he needed his hammer because it was his job to crucify people, and he had to crucify everyone.

He asked everyone if they knew what happened in Texas, (we're in another state) and said it was on the news how this young girl gave birth to a baby, but killed herself and the child, and he seemed to know them personally. My friends and I mainly just stayed calm and tried not to freak the guy out, or make it obvious that we were all scared. I was the only girl with about 10 guy friends and felt particularly scared because of that, even though most of my friends had pocket knives etc. to protect themselves if they had to. We acted normal when this guy was around, but he kept getting up and walking around and we'd start strategizing whenever he walked away.

My friends were worried about me in particular, and me and one of them left the area for safety the next time "hammer guy" left. I texted all of the others that were still there that I wanted them to leave the area immediately, and after a few minutes they did as "hammer guy" seemed to be getting more upset at the loss of his hammer. One of the younger guys apparently had a length of chain in his back pack that he found in the woods, the really thick heavy kind (god knows why he had it) and when "hammer guy" saw it, he apparently asked if he could have it and said he wanted/needed it. Not wanting to piss him off they gave it to him and then left and we never heard or saw "hammer guy" ever again, even though just the thought scares me.

Looking back, we never should have let him had the chain, talked to him at all, and really should have called the cops, but being dumb teenagers sharing a few beers in the woods we never did.

This was longer than i thought so TLDR- ran into a crazy guy in the woods