daj3fstr90 Thread

This is something that happened to my friend and I at the same place but over a few nights.

It was a few years ago, when I was growing up in the south, so I was about 15 or 16. I had a close friend from our church who's mom worked at a Bed and Breakfast place (for people that may not know, it's basically a small hotel that you normally stay in for a few days.) And some days when they only had one or two house guests staying, I was allowed to keep my friend company, while his mom cleaned or prepared meals.

So a bit of interesting history about the city I grew up in, during the Civil War, it was held by both sides at some point during. And as most times when an army stayed in a town or city, they converted any buildings they needed to suit them. This building was a hospital during and was known to be haunted since then. (Was actually on a tv show once.)

The ghosts that were the most common was,

A man in overalls that stood over a bed and you got chills and a feeling of... malice or dark anger. His story was that he came home and found his lover in the bed with another man and killed them both with an ax. (It's said that the best way to "provoke" him was to sleep in the bed with someone)

A lady that would walk downstairs sometimes, but I don't remember her story and never saw her.

And "the rose room". This room was covered in roses (hence the name) wallpaper, fake roses, bed sheets, everything. And the light would turn on or off at random times.

The way this building was laid out was strange in itself. You had the main building that most people stayed in and had the "rose room". Then there was a court yard with a pool, and then down a small pathway, was another smaller building that had the "ax murderer".

Back to the story, sorry if this is rambling.

One day, my friend and I had to stay inside since it was raining too hard that day. And decided to watch a movie, we had to watch it in the second building because we had more guests staying than normal.

So it's about 3113pm and the rain has stopped, so we decided to sneak over and get some ice cream. So we get up to pause our movie and head over when we look at the tv and see a shadow (no real form but could see an "arm" or part of the shadow stretch out) reach down and turn off the tv. Then the vcr starts smoking and we hurry and take the now ruined tape out. After that we booked it to the main building and got ice cream and joked about how scared the other one was.

The second night we decided to sleep in the main building and in the same room since we were both still scared but refused to admit it to each other (we were men damnit)

During the middle of the night, I woke up thinking he said my name, but when I looked over, he was still asleep. That's when I noticed the door was open when I recall him shutting it before we went to bed.

When I got up to close it I heard my name again but this time it came from the hallway towards the stairs. Me thinking it was his mom I asked "what? Yes?" And to this day, even writing this now, I get chills. The next thing I remember happening was hearing a loud screech and feeling a BLAST of cold air that physically pushed me back into the room.

The next thing I know, I'm lying on the floor, the lights are on and my friend and his mom are over me trying to get me up, while his mom was on the phone with mine.

Later on I found out that my friend heard me ask "what? Yes?" And when he sat up to ask me what I was doing, heard the screech and saw me literally fly (like in the movies when a guy gets shot and blown back) back and land on my back unconscious. He swore that by the time I hit the floor, I was already out. Meaning, when the blast hit me, I passed out.

That was the last time I stayed there, my mom refused to let me back over there. And shortly after all of that, his mom found another job and they didn't go back any more.

Bonus story if you've stuck around this long!

The same building also had a story of the "lone soldier". It's said that sometimes in the court yard, you can see this very clear outline of a man who is hunched over and looks to be sobbing. Sometimes you won't see him but hear faint crying.

Two story's about him are, he was a Union soldier who found his brother (who was a rebel) in the building which was a hospital at the time when the North took the town. His brother later died and he was heartbroken by this.

The other is that, while he was stationed there, he received a letter from his love telling him that she was with another man from their local town and she sent him back her ring with the letter.

But most people think that if you saw him or heard him, bad news was coming soon.

I have plenty more stories like these. Maybe I'll post more later.