Ronin_Bones Thread

I've been a reddit lurker for a long time but I feel compelled to tell this story because it still creeps me out to this day! Back Story: when my sisters and myself where younger my mom use to tell us of a story about her and her sisters/friends playing hide in seek in one of the local creepy ass cemeteries here. The typical southern early 1800's style cemetery with the oak trees filled with moss kind of deal. My mothers story concluded with one of their friends screaming and them finding her sunk to her waist in a grave and my mother and her sisters/friends had to pull this girl out. It's a story I heard more than once and thought was B.S until I heard my aunt randomly tell the story one night while staying with my cousin and until I had my "experience". Fast forward years later, I was about fourteen at the time when our neighbor/family friend was murdered (he confronted they guy his wife was cheating on him with and got shot doing it). Considering the nature of his death and I still being rather young my parents didn't allow me to go the funeral. About a month after, we'll call him David, death my moms friend flew into town to finally pay her respects. As my mom and her friend are leaving they asked if I'd like to come with them, I said sure... A decision I would later regret. As we get to the cemetery I notice which cemetery David is buried at, its the SAME one my mom claimed her story happened at which I bring up as we arrived. Intrigued my moms friend asks what story, so again I here the story of my moms friend sinking into a grave while we're at the actually place it occurred. As my mom finishes up the story we realize we still haven't found Davids head stone/burial plot and we've been walking around for about 30 minutes (this is a huge cemetery btw). Exasperated my mom throws her hand up towards the sky and says David we can't find you give us a sign! Not even a minute later as we're walking my right leg sinks into a grave about half way up my shin, as I look down at my sunken foot already freaked out by what just occurred I notice the head stone of the grave I just sunk into... It says David Carter, and it's the same David we'd been looking for the whole time... Needless to say my mom and her friend had a good laugh... I immediately noped right out there and it still creeps me out today... I mean what are the chances of that happening?