wildflours Thread

Although this may never see the light of day, I want to share the creepiest story I have. The scene is four high school girls in a car getting high before Mock Trial practice. We drive down to this cul-de-sac where a lot of us drive to toke and hang out. A couple of my friends mention times where they swore they saw a man in the woods around the cove; of course, they can't be sure and never stuck around long enough to find out. Their stories really gave me the heebie-jeebies, and the pot only intensified them. I was able to move past my fear, though, and enjoy being stoned and giggly. The driver is doing "donuts," and by that I mean slowly spinning the car in circles, which was still awesome because weed. Lost in blissful spinning, I only caught a quick glimpse of the middle-aged man in the distance walking toward my friend's car. "Holy shit," I said, "there's a fucking man walking toward us with something in his hand." "Oh, shut up wildflours. You're just paranoid." "No, I mean fucking look." They look. I swear all four of us screamed bloody fucking murder. My friend peeled out of there as fast as she could, and this guy started running after us! Thankfully, wheels beat old man legs. We all agreed that he was carrying something like a golf club. I never went back to that spot.