wahldennis Thread

One time I was working with my old company which was a sub contractor for dish tv and was sent out of town to Elko nevada to help techs out there catch up on there jobs because they were short on help. When arriving I found that my hotel that I was supposed to stay in was fully booked to a cowboy poetry reading festival and the owner told me that his brother down the road owned a hotel with a room that I can stay in. After driving for many hours anything seemed good so I decided to take it. When pulling up to it I realized what a really old place this was but I am not the type to complain plus I was very tired so I decided to stay anyway. It was called the keys motel. When entering my room I was disgusted with it but was too tired to find anything else. The back door was nailed shut by two by fours and was really gross. When I pulled the sheets back there was little traces of blood on the sheets. So I went down and got new ones. Later that night I passed out with no problems but woke up to the sound of something dragging across the floor, surrounding my bed and it was very heavy sounding. I tried to move a little and it felt like my hands and ankles where being held down by something and I began to struggle to move. I began to scream out what the hell and as I looked up( being able to see because the street light from outside shined through my window) a figure hunched over at the end of my bed stopped and ran towards the back door. I jumped up. Turned on the lights and ran towards it and nothing was there! There was no possible way to get out only by ripping the door down. Let's just say I didn't sled at all that night and kept the lights on and got out of that place the minute I had the chance. I never felt comfortable at that place and every time I walked I. That room my hair would stand up and I would feel like I wasn't alone.