dogpupkus Thread

My eldest aunt is the superstitious type, but believable (perhaps just convincing) enough that taking her stories with a grain of skepticism generally isn't necessary. She's also a bit hokey, taking time to visit off-the-wall yard sales, antique stores, and small town shoppes wherever she may be. Last weekend, on her way home from the Jersey Shore where she has a small place by the bay, she and her husband stumble upon a lonely Estate Sale.

They decide to check it out, since it's what she's all about. Not thinking much of it, her and my uncle follow a small line of people into an old rancher type house. Poking around, she finds a walk in closet filled with boxes and boxes of like-new shoes. She gathers a few, and discovers one of the boxes contains pay-stubs, a lady named "Elizabeth [Last Name Omitted]" who was employed at a Casino in Atlantic City. Elizabeth. She tucked the box away back in the closet, picks up six pairs of shoes she likes along with a few jackets (one of which shes already wearing at this point) and checks out.

Immediately leaving the Estate Sale, she can't stop thinking about this lady. Her brain is flooded with the thoughts of this Elizabeth. That night once back home in PA, she's so distracted by Elizabeth she can't even fall-asleep. She calls my cousin in the morning to tell the story. My cousin does some Google-Fu on the name, finds out that the Estate Sale was indeed for this just recently deceased Elizabeth. Obituary is on the first page of results, no mentions of cause of death other than a lengthy illness. Mentions living in the house where the Estate Sale took place. My aunt tells us she can't even think since Elizabeth is on her mind. (I should note, that while she's telling my parents and I this story, shes wearing one of Elizabeths coats, and a pair of Elizabeths slip-on shoes.)

Monday morning following that Sunday, she returns to work where she spends her days sorting old paperwork from offices and such that is to be marked for destruction. They have to account for everything that is destroyed or something.

While taking to her colleagues about the story, in the middle of a box of paperwork, all from a single origin, she comes across a single misplaced page. A lone hospital EKG for a patient named Elizabeth [Same Last Name], dated exactly two years before death date, from a hospital in the immediate area of where Elizabeth once lived. She normally doesn't look at the pages she sorts through, but that name caught her eye like a flare in the night.

So now she's convinced this lady is trying to communicate with her.

That piece of paper floated around for two years, ended up loose in a completely unrelated box of paperwork, just to find it's way to my aunt... who was probably wearing one of her jackets at the time.

This this is all relatively recent, we're curious to see what happens next.

TL/DR: My aunt went to an estate sale, became unintentionally obsessed with the lady whose items she bought at the estate sale, just to find a two year old piece of paper from a hospital record of the same lady who had just recently died. Hours away, at work.