NurseNikky Thread

Super late to the party, but whatever. Ok so I'm a massage therapist, I work for myself and frequently go to clients homes at night. Whenever I used to have a new client, I would bring my boyfriend with me as kind of a backup. Anyway, the clients condo was in a really nice area in Chandler, AZ. It was around 8:00 when I arrived. Got out of my truck, grabbed my bag and started looking for the apartment because this was one of those mega complexes and of course the numbers were barely visible. As I was walking around,I noticed that every light I walked by would start flickering really quickly... like the light would be fine one minute and as soon as I walked by it would start flashing. I felt like someone watching me but I shrugged it off and found the condo as quickly as possible.

My session lasted 90 minutes, packed up and headed back to my truck.. except it wasn't in the spot my boyfriend had parked it in. So I call him,he says he's coming, that something happened so he had to move. I get in the truck and he was super pale.. and his hands were shaking. I asked him what happened. He told me that as I was walking towards the apartments from the parking lot he saw a girl behind me walking in tandem with me almost like a shadow. He said he after he bent down and lit a cigarette, neither one of us were in his line of vision anymore.. not too creepy right? About halfway through his cigarette, he saw someone walk behind the truck really quickly through the rearview mirror. He said it was the same girl. He was starting to feel a little freaked out but nothing too bad. He said he turned on his headphones and leaned the chair back.. to take a nap I guess when he felt a thumping under his feet on the floorboard.

He said he looked out into the parking lot and saw the girl like crawl out from under the hood of the truck and stand up, she walked backwards and stared at him the whole time.. and kind of disappeared into the shadows of the opposite side of the parking lot awnings.

So he peeled out and sat at the nearest gas station which was right next door for the rest of my appointment. Normally, I would have called bullshit, but this guy didn't believe in the paranormal AT ALL and he was clearly freaked out. Never went back to that particular clients home after that. TL DR - Boyfriend harassed by some creepy girl or possibly spirit that climbed under our truck.