EternityParadigm Thread

My grandfather died a few years ago, and was cremated. As per his wishes, our immediate family and a few friends took the ashes to a stream in a wood where he'd liked to walk, and gathered around to pour them into the water. My mother, as his eldest child, actually poured them in, and as she did so, the ash spread out in the water - which, I should mention, was pretty fast flowing, enough to carry the lighter particles away almost immediately - and, very clearly, the dust took on the shape of a tall man, positioned as if he were lying down in the water. The ash stayed this way for several seconds. No one said anything, but I looked around at the others and I could see by their faces that they could see it too. Eventually it was taken away by the flow, and later in the car I brought it up with my mother. She's the epitome of a sceptic - doesn't believe in ghosts or the supernatural at all - but she immediately turned to me and said "You saw it too? I thought I had to be imagining it!" Not creepy as such, but there have been a few occasions since then when I've not quite felt alone, mostly while in our family home. I never feel threatened - I loved my granddad very much. Mostly it's just feeling someone behind me while I'm sitting at my desk, or smelling cigarettes. He was the only one who ever smoked in our family.