hereafteru Thread

When i was in first grade, I remember having a friend. he had autism, but being a first grader it didnt seem that bad. he asked me to go with him to the restroom during recess. I waited for him outside. As I waited, I hear a scream coming from the restroom, a scream that til this day I cant get out of my head. he ran outside crying and threw himself on the floor. I asked him what was wrong, he said he saw a hand falling from the roof, into his stall, said there was blood everywhere. He then kept saying, "a man up there, a man up there!" made a signal with his hand, that i later realized meant he was hanging. Teacher and staff came to the restroom after hearing his cries and screams. They went inside, and it was empty, nothing there. Asked me if i had seen anything, and i hadnt. no one had gone in with him, the restroom was alone. He was taken away by the nurse. It wasnt until later that i realized that he might have seen some kind of ghost or incident. til this day i wonder, if anything happened in that restroom in the past.