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My mother used to drag myself and my sister to this little Born Again, charismatic church in the middle of a strip mall every Sunday. You know the type: speaking in tongues, being slain in the spirit, all that.

There was a family there, a married couple with no kids, both in their 50's. The woman was nice enough, but the man was really nice. Like, he always wanted to be around the kids, always offered to do things with the children's church, ect. No one thought much of it, as several people were like that, including one guy who was beloved by everyone.

He seemed to take a special shine to me, and was always asking my mother to allow him to take me places. He wanted to take me to get ice cream, to the movies, to water parks, ect. Not my sister, who was five years younger than me (I was about 9 at this point), just me.

She always said 'no', and would shrug it off. He never saw me outside of church.

Fast forward about two years after this point. He has been caught with a huge amount of child porn on his computer, of olive skinned, brunette girls around the age of 7 - 10, which is my own description. He goes on the run, and it turns out he had been accused of molestation before, but never charged (he and his wife had only been together for five or so years, and this had been a decade before, so she never found out).

They found his car in the desert just outside the city. He had shot himself in the head.

In his personal affects, they found a bunch of pictures of myself and another little girl who had also previously attended the church, which he had taken and gotten printed. A few focused on our bare legs in shorts, or were us in swim suits from a church trip to a rec center swimming pool. He had taken then without us noticing.

TLDR: Aliens invaded my pants, started a colony, now they worship me as the Vagina God.