InspectorRack Thread

I'm in college and live in a tiny dorm room all by myself because I'm an RA. Most of the custodial staff agrees that the place is haunted. A resident killed himself in a study lounge a few decades back and there have been reports ever since. Doors get unlocked and lights turn on/off when they're not supposed to. The general bullshit that could be our old ass wiring or people forgetting to lock doors and stuff.

Every night I lock my door and climb up in my lofted bed, and this night was no different. I locked the deadbolt, turned off the lights, and climbed into bed. Just as I'm about to drift off to sleep the door slams hard. It wasn't just a banging sound, I could even hear the metal of the lock mechanism scraping on the door frame. Damn near scared the hell out of me. I'm actually getting chill bumps just remembering it. It was before residents got back from winter break so I know it wasn't any of my guys playing a prank on me.