TheMonroeFiles Thread

I grew up in a hunting and archery family. We own the largest indoor archery range in the USA, My father is a 3 time world champion and my uncle is Butch Johnson, Olympic gold medalist. Anyone in this hobby makes it a lifestyle. They live it, breathe it, would die for it. A family friend of high reputation in the archery world told us a story that he experienced while hunting, and since has never entered the woods again.

He only sticks to indoor tournaments now as opposed to hunting. He is in upstate Oregon. He is in his tree stand, alone, staring out through the trees into a small field about 50-60 yards away. A doe has walked out of the woods to graze on the grass. He raised his compound bow, takes aim, when out from the other end of the field comes, what he describes as a large ape-like creature, close to 8 feet tall, just booking it on two legs towards this doe.

For the story we will say it is Bigfoot. This Bigfoot runs up to the deer, before it even knows what is happening, picks it up under one arm from under the deer's belly, and continues full sprint into the woods at the other end of the field. The deer is screaming bloody murder as it is carried away by this unknown creature. Our friend is there, bow still drawn, shaking in shock, questioning everything he knows about the land, the animal life there he is used to hunting, everything.

He refused to get down for the longest time until it started getting dark and he didn't want to be alone at night after seeing that. He got out of the stand, left over \$5,000 dollars worth of equipment there, and sprinted to his truck. He stands by his claim and has never, not once, returned to hunting or the woods after being now in his mid forties and spent his whole life around it.